Our vision is to follow Jesus and love broken people back to life

New Here?

What happens?

A meeting at The Foundry is an energetic and enjoyable experience that will end any ideas that church is boring and predictable. Meetings are likely to have a combination of lively music, multi-media, dance, prayer, drama, and a short talk relevant to the issues of life. But at each event these are mixed together with the many special, spontaneous moments that flow from a diverse community encountering a creative God.

Before and after each Sunday meeting we run Café Revive, which serves free hot and cold drinks and offers a variety of sweet and savory delicacies at rock-bottom prices. We also have an exclusive hospitality zone for our visitors where everything is complementary! Just ask any of our stewards for more information on the day.

Do I have to be Religious to come?

Definitely not. In fact, we prefer people to not be religious! Just come as you are and involve yourself as much as you feel comfortable. No one will be expecting you to start praying or kneeling. The Christian faith is about connecting with God in a natural way, not a ceremonial way, even if it may feel a little ‘different’ to begin with.

What do I wear?

Whatever regular clothes that you feel most comfortable in. There is no dress code.

What about my kids?

During our Sunday morning meeting there is a room made available for parents to take their babies and toddlers, and there is a meeting provided especially for kids between 3 and 10 that runs while the scheduled speaker delivers their message. All the volunteers who supervise are trained and CRB checked. Your child’s safety is a top priority. Just sign your children in at the Information Desk upon arrival.

Will I have to give money?

No. We believe that giving to the work of the church is primarily the responsibility of church members, and even then the amount is private between the person and God. But if you ever do want to make a contribution or give in a way that is tax efficient (Gift Aid), please ask for more information at the Information Desk, or make your contribution privately in the designated box by the entrance to the auditorium.

What is a Christian?

There is an old saying that goes, “Standing in a garage saying ‘brum, brum’ does not make you a car. So standing in a church saying ‘amen, hallelujah’ does not make you a Christian.” This means that who you are is more than just where you go and what you say. A Christian is someone who has asked God to forgive all their moral failings and chosen to fully follow the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, not someone who attends church or performs some religious practices.

We look forward to your visit!