Meet The Team

Find out who's on the team and what everyone does.

Meet The Team

It takes a great team of people to lead The Foundry Church.
Here is an explanation of how that looks and a snapshot of who makes up each team.

Guided by a Lead Team

The Lead Team are the Pastors of The Foundry Church, led by Kate & Adam Hewitt.
They bring vision, spiritual care and guidance to the church as a whole.

Profile image of Adam Hewitt Alternate image of Adam Hewitt

Adam Hewitt

Lead Pastor for Vision & Strategy

Adam is married to Kate, has 2 children and a dog! He has been part of The Foundry Church since 1996.

In partnership with Kate, Adam is our Lead Pastor for preaching, vision and strategy and has chair responsibility across all the Foundry related charities.

He enjoys running, reading, podcasts and always thinks this will be Spurs’ season.

Profile image of Kate Hewitt Alternate image of Kate Hewitt

Kate Hewitt

Lead Pastor for People

Kate is married to Adam and has 2 children, Tiffany & Hudson and a Cocker Spaniel called Nellie.

Kate has been part of The Foundry Church since 2001. In partnership with Adam, Kate is our Lead Pastor for People with responsibility for vision and strategy, pastoral ministry, staff team and connect groups. She loves musicals, Italian food and snow.

Profile image of Di Daniels Alternate image of Di Daniels

Di Daniels

Associate Pastor

Di is married to Paul and they have been part of The Foundry Church since 2004. They love spending time with their family and grandchildren.

Di loves cycling and knitting (but not at the same time!).

Profile image of Ste Greenow Alternate image of Ste Greenow

Ste Greenow

Associate Pastor

Ste is married to Ruth and they have two daughters. He has been at The Foundry since 2006.

Ste supports Man United, the Chiefs/Falcons, loves cooking Chinese food, and eating it too!

Profile image of Sean Smith Alternate image of Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Fair Havens Court Business Manager & Associate Pastor

Sean is married to Cath and they have three children, Evie, Eli & Esau. Originally from Stoke, the family moved ‘up North’ to Widnes in 2012 and made The Foundry their home.

Sean’s main role is our Fair Havens Court Business Manager.

He is a fan of Stoke City and is mad about ready salted crisps!

Strengthened by a Staff Team

The staff team administer The Foundry Church and its associated charitable organisations on a day to day basis.
They are responsible for leading volunteer teams.

Profile image of Lois Taviner Alternate image of Lois Taviner

Lois Taviner

Youth & Events Manager

Profile image of Ruth Greenow Alternate image of Ruth Greenow

Ruth Greenow

Children’s Pastor

Profile image of Ste Royle Alternate image of Ste Royle

Ste Royle

IT & Media Lead

Profile image of Angie Ferguson Alternate image of Angie Ferguson

Angie Ferguson

Site Cleaner

Profile image of Vi Nuttie Alternate image of Vi Nuttie

Vi Nuttie

Fairhavens Court Warden

Profile image of Tony McNulty Alternate image of Tony McNulty

Tony McNulty

Site Manager

Profile image of Ian Aitken Alternate image of Ian Aitken

Ian Aitken

Lighthouse Director

Profile image of Mark Cambridge Alternate image of Mark Cambridge

Mark Cambridge

Lighthouse Support Team

Profile image of Sean Conlon Alternate image of Sean Conlon

Sean Conlon

Lighthouse Support Team

Protected by Trustees

Our trustees support the Lead Team in fulfilling the purposes of the church. They have legal responsibility for the governance and administration of The Foundry Church.

Profile image of Tosin Oladimeji Alternate image of Tosin Oladimeji

Tosin Oladimeji

Profile image of Remi Oluwabamise

Remi Oluwabamise

Profile image of Kwesi Ackah (P) Alternate image of Kwesi Ackah (P)

Kwesi Ackah (P)

Profile image of Phil Holland Alternate image of Phil Holland

Phil Holland

Safeguarding Team

We have both children’s and adult safeguarding teams in place to make sure that we have robust policies and procedures in place.

Profile image of Catherine Smith Alternate image of Catherine Smith

Catherine Smith

Children’s Safeguarding Lead

Profile image of Mandy Taviner Alternate image of Mandy Taviner

Mandy Taviner

Adult Safeguarding Lead