Come To The Table

Come To The Table


Bible Passage: Psalm 23:5

Preacher: Kate Hewitt

Series: Crisis Talks

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Come To The Table

Psalm 23:5

There is no more multi functional piece of furniture in our house than our dinner table. Whether it be for meals, school work, heated monopoly disagreements or a dumping ground for rucksacks, our table has earned its battle scars and is a place we gather on a daily basis. The moment “Tea’s ready” is bellowed from the kitchen, the stampede to table begins and draws us all in like moths to a flame. For us nothing beats being seated together around our dinner table enjoying a meal. Is there anything more welcoming than a table heavy laden with food and drink?! In Psalm 23:5 we are told that God prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. Think about that for a second…. The God who created the heavens and the earth has laid on the buffet of all buffets for us His children, how amazing is that! And he does it in the presence of our enemies to, meaning, that in this season of uncertainty, God pulls out a chair for you and me and invites us to take a seat at His table. There we are always welcome. There we find nourishment for our souls, rest for our weary bodies and discover that we are never really fully alone, because He is always with us! So why not pull up a chair and enjoy all that God, our Master Chef has prepared for you today.

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