Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Easy Like a Sunday Morning


Bible Passage: John 4:35

Preacher: Ste Greenow

Series: Stand Alone

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Easy Like a Sunday Morning

John 4:35

The time that we gather on a Sunday, for roughly one hour, is super important! The strength and hope that we can find through our time of worship, preaching and community is often a vital time in our week.

But when we see our faith in Jesus as simply being about that one hour on a Sunday, we can fall into the ‘easy like a Sunday morning’ mentality. That way of thinking that being a follower of Jesus is for Sunday mornings, and the rest of the week I’ll live my way!

Jesus once said to his disciples, “Look around you! Vast fields are ripening all around us and are ready now for the harvest.” (John 4:35b) I believe the same is true for us today, there is a dying world around us, desperate to know an answer to loneliness, fear, selfishness, restlessness, and many other mentalities that leave us feeling empty and lost. If only we would look around us, and take the time to grasp the truth that Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6) that our world so desperately needs to hear about.

Whether you are curious to this truth, sleepy about it, or enthusiastic… my prayer would be that we would all shift from the ‘easy like a Sunday morning’ mentality – and move towards one that recognises that God has gifted us with 168 hours in a week – and that there is a world around us in desperate need of the hope and truth that so many of us have experienced through Jesus.


  • Why is our time together important on a Sunday morning?
  • How can we ‘over emphasise’ this time together and neglect the other 167 hours in the week?
  • Jesus said to his disciples, “Look around you!” (John 4:35b). Who is there around you that you can share the love and hope of Jesus with? Pray into this, ask God to help you.
  • What does it mean to really grasp and know that Jesus is “the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6), and how does this influence our relationships?


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