Finding Joy

Finding Joy


Bible Passage: John 15:9-11

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Groans to Glory

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Finding Joy

John 15:9-11

Contrary to what many people think, God wants us to be happy, more than that to have inner joy – a good feeling on the inside that is there regardless of what’s going on the outside. A joy that gets us through the seasons of sadness and grief.

If you want more joy in your life, focus on Jesus and determine to feed the inside. This week we all have capacity to change the atmosphere of our homes/ cars/ bedrooms/ with worship, prayer and faith that ultimately feeds joy on the inside. Jesus wants to gift us with His joy – a joy that is in us and lacks nothing (John 15:9-11).


  • When was the last time I really felt joy on the inside that didn’t match what was going on outside?
  • What might be hindering my joy?
  • Who are some of the most joyful people I know? What does that look like?
  • How can I GROW my joy this week? What is ONE thing I will do?

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