Get The Scooter!

Get The Scooter!


Bible Passage: John 21:1-14

Preacher: Ste Greenow

Series: Stand Alone

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Get The Scooter!

Get The Scooter!

John 21:1-14

There are times in all our lives that Jesus is telling us to do something, or we hear a challenge through a preach or someone wise in our lives points out a blind spot – but we put off making that change for various reasons. It could be through fear, lack of trust, stubbornness or many other reasons.

The disciples were out fishing one night, probably tired, confused, and unsure of what was about to happen next after Jesus had been appearing to them in His resurrected body. They didn’t have a successful night fishing; in fact, they had caught nothing all night. Only for Jesus to come along and tell them to make the simple change of throwing the net over the right side of the boat. You can read the story in full here.

They had a choice to make, listen to him or stay doing what they had been doing all night. They made the right choice in listening to Him, and on the other side of the boat they caught 153 large fish. It was a lifegiving moment for them.

What things need to change in our lives that will lead to lifegiving consequences?

When given the fishing advice from Jesus, we’re told the disciples response was; “so they did”, they didn’t hesitate or delay, they simply did what He told them to do.

Making changes in our lives; whether it’s reading our Bibles, praying with our family, getting help for an addiction, sorting out our finances, making better relationship choices, joining a connect group or server team… whatever the choice we are faced with, it will require effort from us, to throw the net over the other side. But we can be sure that if Jesus is in it, then having that “so they did” mentality will lead to lifegiving consequences.


  • What is Jesus asking you to do differently?
  • What steps do I need to take to be obedient to that?
  • What are my biggest fears about the changes ahead, and how could I work through those?

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