Health Check

Health Check


Bible Passage: Nehemiah 1:1-4

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Rebuild

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Health Check

Nehemiah 1:1-4

Many of us make New Years resolutions. We might want to lose a few pounds, read a few more books, set a few more goals, get a new job, stop biting our nails. We give it a go, early January is like a new life, and by mid January at best, we’ve forgotten all about them. Most resolutions are temporary. What’s needed is a permanent rebuild.

Word came to Nehemiah that the walls in Jerusalem were destroyed and the gates burned down by fire (Nehemiah 1:1-4).

Nehemiah knew that it was going to take more than a temporary fix to protect the city again. What was needed was a rebuild. As we read the story we see that Nehemiah did indeed rebuild the walls. He stepped out in faith, was granted favour and completed the job, despite criticism and objections along the way.

But the rebuild started with a question – ‘how goes it in Judah?’ (1:2). Nehemiah needed to know what was wrong before he could begin with the right plan to rebuild the walls.

For us at the start of 2020, we could ask the same question of our own lives – how are we doing? What walls have broken down, what gates have been destroyed leaving us vulnerable? Whats needed is a spiritual health-check, both for our own sake, but also for the sake of those we serve – our local community. For example, are we as a church still scratching the right itch? Are we still needed, relevant and a place of hope and light and refuge for our community? Or are we doing what God told us to do yesterday, expecting results today? Asking the question means we stay current, on task and continue to be a church that meets the needs of its community. It also means that personally we recognise where we might be drifting and vulnerable in our faith-walk so that we can begin the process of rebuilding.

But be warned; asking questions should come with a health warning. When Nehemiah heard how bad the situation was, he ‘sat down and wept’ (1:4). He was a broken man – the truth can hurt! But that’s ok. God made us, He formed us, He knit us together (Psalm 139). We can trust Him with your hearts.

Let the rebuild begin.


  1. How does my relationship with Jesus compare to this time last year?
  2. What is ONE area of my life that I need to REBUILD?
  3. How can I do it and who can I be honest with to help me?


On Sunday we sang a few songs as part of our service. Here is a list of songs for you to have a listen to them during the week.

Who You Say I Am

by Hillsong Worship

More To Come

by Passion

What A Beautiful Name

by Hillsong Worship

Build My Life

by Chris Tomlin

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