Hope In A Crisis

Hope In A Crisis


Bible Passage: Exodus 1:8-21

Preacher: Kate Hewitt

Series: Crisis Talks

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Hope In A Crisis

Exodus 1:8-21

One national crisis and two healthcare workers, sound familiar? Pretty much everyone has heard of Moses. But not so many have heard of Shiphrah & Puah. They were the two midwives that God used in an amazing way to stand up to Pharaoh and help save the lives of countless baby boys just before Moses was born. Pharaoh was the most powerful man on the planet, but he was no match for these feisty God-fearing women. I know we don’t live in Ancient Egypt, but we are living through a national crisis. And like Shiphrah and Puah we can choose to bring life, stand up to Pharaoh and believe that God is not done yet. God loves to use the weak to shame the strong, he did it through Shiphrah & Puah and he’ll do it through us to if we’ll allow him to use us.


  • What could be a Pharaoh in your life?
  • How can you stand up to that Pharaoh?
  • What good thing are you believing God will bring out of this crisis?

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