How To Live A Jesus Centred Life

How To Live A Jesus Centred Life


Bible Passage: John 15:5-8

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Life Hacks

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How To Live A Jesus Centred Life

How To Live A Jesus Centred Life

John 15:5-8

What does your life revolve around? Is it the school run, the demands at work, the career aspirations or the constant pressure from family and friends to be there when needed?

Whilst all of these things are important, followship of Jesus demands that we place Him at the centre. It doesn’t mean that nothing else is important, it just means that every part of our lives must come second to His will.

Jesus is the vine, the source, and we are the branches (see John 15:5). But, if you’re like me, more often than not I treat Jesus like a branch, rather than the vine, the source, the centre of my life – and I place someone else, usually myself, at the centre of my world. I’m not saying I don’t want Jesus in my life, I really do. But just like the ‘branch’ called family, or the ‘branch’ called career, or the ‘branches’ called my sports team, my bank account, or my holidays, often I’d rather Jesus be a branch I turn to when I need Him, or as my ticket to heaven, or my crutch when I’m feeling a bit low, than be the source of my entire life and joy.

But the reality is that unless Jesus is the source, there is no lasting joy, fulfilment or purpose in our lives. A life lived apart from Jesus is a life wasted. We might have achieved some great things, birthed some noble projects, even impacted some lives, but in the end, it will ‘wither away’ to nothing (John 15:6) if Jesus wasn’t at the centre. That sounds harsh. And it is. But it shouldn’t be the motivation to stay connected to Jesus our source. The motivation should be love for Jesus and the kind of fruit that our lives might produce if it stays connected to the right source.

As an apple tree grows apples, Pear trees grow pears, cherry trees grow cherries (you get the message), people connected and growing out of Jesus trees become people that look like Jesus, smell like Jesus, walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus, live like Jesus lived.

Do you want to know how to live a Jesus centred life? Simply let Him be the centre. Step off the stage of your life and usher on the King; but stay close, watch, listen and learn. He wants you to become like Him and live a life of purpose.


  • What or who does your life currently revolve around?
  • What one thing can you do this week to make Jesus more central?

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