I Stand For Justice

I Stand For Justice


Bible Passage: Micah 6:8

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Stand Alone

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I Stand For Justice

Micah 6:8

Key Points

  • At the heart of the gospel is the call to fight injustice (Micah 6:8)
  • Racism is at its heart a justice issue
  • Our hearts are broken by the injustice of racism we see both explicitly and systemically in our nation and the nations of the world
  • It is our resolve as a church community to champion diversity and fight any form of racism
  • Only by leaning into Jesus can we change; behaviour modification isn’t enough; we need new hearts
  • Only be leaning into Injustice, and not shying away from it, can we bring change.
  • We are grieving, listening, learning, speaking and praying


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