I’m Just Doing My Bit!

I’m Just Doing My Bit!


Bible Passage: Philippians 2:3-11

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Exit Strategy

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I’m Just Doing My Bit!

Philippians 2:3-11

Am I contributing to the world during this global pandemic, or am I just taking? Am I a giver in our church community, or am I just a taker? We’ve all been called, like Bee-man-Barry, to do our bit. Jesus ultimately modelled selfless giving but doing more than his bit, he gave his life, and came to serve, not be served, so that we could have the honour and privilege to not only live in relationship with him, but also live out selfless love relationships with others by also choosing to serve, over being served.

Let’s keep going and keep doing ‘our bit’. Whether its giving up the use of our church building for people who need it more than we do at the moment, or continuing to raise awareness of issues for racial injustice and working hard at racial reconciliation in our own lives and in our families, especially when its not headline news, or looking out for that vulnerbale neighbour who you haven’t seen for a while, or sending in food donations to the food bank, whatever it looks like in our world, we can all keep doing ‘our bit’. It’s the way of the Kingdom, its the way of Jesus.


  1. How am I contributing to our church community at the moment? Where am I giving MORE than taking, and where might I be TAKING more than I’m giving? How might I change this?
  2. How can I better serve the people in my world, my neighbours, my family, my colleagues and friends? What is ONE thing I can do this week to make sure I’m also doing ‘my bit’?


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