Justice Is Our Pursuit

Justice Is Our Pursuit


Bible Passage: Psalm 89:24

Preacher: Lois Taviner

Series: This is Who We Are – Values

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Justice Is Our Pursuit

Psalm 89:24

Over the last couple of months, we’ve been unpacking the Values that are central to us as a Church. They are:

  • Jesus is our Message
  • Serving is our Privilege
  • Big Faith is our Starting Point
  • Grace is our Overflow
  • Generosity is our Default
  • Being Real is our Way
  • Belonging is our Choice
  • Equality is our Pledge

And our final Value…

  • Justice is our Pursuit.

Find yourself wondering why of all the things that we could pursue, why is Justice is so important? It’s important to us, because its important to God. In fact, Psalm 89:14 tells us that Justice and Righteousness are the foundation of God’s throne.

This was exemplified best in the person of Jesus. Jesus spent his time on earth passionately pursuing justice. Holding leaders to account, challenging systemic greed and hypocrisy, walking with people who society had cast out and by outrageously loving others.

His outrageous love, is the best practical example of what Justice truly is. As Cornel West says:

Justice is simply what love looks like in public.

Jesus calls us to love in John 13:35. It’s time to take that love public. That’s where we will see the pursuit of justice.

So, How will we love the least, last and lost, just as Jesus did?

How will we love them loudly, just as Jesus does for each of us?


  1. What word/phrase/value would you choose to define who you are and what matters to you?
  2. What injustice are you aware of, that you feel passionate about pursuing justice for?
  3. What area of your life will you choose to Love out Loud, in your pursuit for justice? 

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