Moans or Groans?

Moans or Groans?


Bible Passage: Romans 8:18-25

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Groans to Glory

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Moans or Groans?

Romans 8:18-25

Every single one of us has an inner groan that defines who we are, how we live, how we see each other. Romans 8:23 says that we ‘groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption to sonship, the redemption of our bodies’. 

What might be the groan of your life? What are you inwardly struggling with, in the hope that one day, will no longer define who you are and how you live? 

Perhaps you identify with some of these ‘groans’; the groan of comparing yourself to others; the groan of feeling lonely and isolated; the groan of stress and anxiety; the groan of sadness and grief that you just can’t shake off, the groan of sexual brokenness and temptation? As we read a list like that it doesn’t feel like there’s much hope. But Jesus offers hope. By the power of the Holy Spirit living inside each follower of Christ, God wants to help us turn these groans into something glorious.  

So this week, before we kick off this new series together, let me urge you to do the following: 

  1. Give your whole life to Jesus again. Come back to Christ, fully. Surrender your whole life, your heart, your will, your desires, your whole past, present and future to Him. Maybe you’ve never said YES to Jesus. Now is a great time to do it. Receive Jesus as Lord and Saviour. He wants to change your life.
  2. Identify your groan. Take a moment of quiet this week to pause and reflect and ask God – where am I groaning? What groans define my life? Ask God with honesty and sincerity and He will show you, and more importantly, give you the grace to overcome.
  3. Dream of the glory. Begin to dream about how your life might look different if in your future you are defined not by the groan, but by the glory? For example, if stress and anxiety are shaping your life now, what might a ‘stress-free and anxious free’ life look like? It’s going to be so much more than a permanent holiday by the sea! Get a vision for what God’s glorious life for you might look like – and dream of it, believe for it, and partner with God to make it a reality. 


  1. Is my whole life given to the plans and purposes of God? What area’s of my life might I be holding back?
  2. What are my groans? Which ones am I willing to share with my connect group? How can the group help me turn these into something glorious?
  3. What is a groan that we as a group can work together towards to turn into glory? (ie a social injustice/ poverty/ neighborhood need).

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