More Than A KitKat

More Than A KitKat


Bible Passage: Acts 2:42-47

Preacher: Lois Taviner

Series: Values

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More Than A KitKat

More Than A KitKat

Acts 2:42-47

I’ve grown up in and around church for the majority of my life. I’ve been to some brilliant churches, but my experiences were often short lived. Was there anything wrong with the church? Nope. What was misplaced was my approach to church. I approached church as if it were a factory. I thought I just needed to come along, talk the talk, walk the walk and leave. I needed to just fit in. Like an item on a production line of a factory. Neat, ordered, mass produced, with little effort on my behalf.

God’s heart is for his church to be a family. Family, as I know it, is messy, chaotic, we get things wrong, we try again, we give each other the best we can, we love each other despite, and we raise sons and daughters. That sounds like a kind of family I want to be part of. I wonder if it does for you too. That’s what the church can look like if we choose to take our place in the family. If we choose to BE the church and not just GO to church. If we took church into 168 hours of the week, not just 2 hours on a Sunday.

God designed us for community (Genesis 2:18), and the first ever Christians showed us how Church can be that Community (Acts 2:42-47). How might our approach to, experience of and heart for the church change as we begin to see that church is family?

Church is family and there’s room for you in this family if you want it.


  • Where do I find community? (Clubs, family, groups, hobbies, work etc…)
  • What could I do to be more intentional about being part of community? What excuses do I need to stop making? What could I start getting involved in?
  • How will I practically Show Up, Lean In, Look Out in this next season?

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