Out of Loneliness Into Community

Out of Loneliness Into Community


Bible Passage: Genesis 2:18

Preacher: Sean Conlon

Series: Groans to Glory

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Out of Loneliness Into Community

Genesis 2:18

All of us need a bit of “Me Time”, but for some people the feeling of being completely alone, misunderstood and uncared for is an every day struggle. This feeling is called loneliness. 

God knew from the beginning of creation that it was “not good that man should be alone…” (Genesis 2:18) and so He created other people for us to be in community with. 

One of our values as a church is that Belonging is our choice and there are three things we can do to step out of loneliness and into community. 

  • Plug In – Join a connect group and server team 
  • Prioritise – Be devoted to fellowship 
  • Persevere – Give it time to flourish 

Loneliness is a feeling, but feelings are not facts. You are not alone. The church is here for everyone


  • Question 1 Have you ever experienced feelings of loneliness?
  • Question 2 How can we encourage others to step into community?
  • Question 3 Are you devoted to fellowship? 

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