Power To Break Divides

Power To Break Divides


Bible Passage: Acts 2:1-12

Preacher: Ste Greenow

Series: The Promise

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Power To Break Divides

Power To Break Divides

Acts 2:1-12

When Jesus told his disciples and early followers to wait for the Holy Spirit to come upon them, ‘to receive power to tell people about him everywhere, in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8) – they will have been fully aware of the significance of that statement.

There had been a divide between Jews and Samaritans for centuries, it was hostile between them and it was steeped within them, generations of hatred and division. And yet Jesus talked of a day that they would as followers of him, go and tell the Samaritans about Jesus.

As the Holy Spirit fell on the believers at Pentecost, and they began speaking in other languages that were recognised by people from the surrounding nations, even more divisions were represented and broken.

Why? Because the Holy Spirit brings power to break divisions.

When Jesus walked the earth, he broke racial, social, gender and sin divisions. He was showing us how to live, and now he has given us power, through the Holy Spirit, to play our part in breaking divides and being carriers of the gospel.


  • How does the Holy Spirit use us to break divides?
  • What divides are you aware of, that God might be wanting to use you to break through?

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if there are any underlying tensions, prejudice, stereotypes, ignorance in your life that need to be dealt with. (That’s a brave thing to ask God, but it can be the source of great freedom and forgiveness in your life that you might not have realised was needed)

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