Shift Your Focus

Shift Your Focus


Bible Passage: Psalm 94:19

Preacher: Kate Hewitt

Series: Groans to Glory

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Shift Your Focus

Psalm 94:19

Anxiety is something that affects us all at times. In its purest form, its actually a good thing because feeling anxious triggers our fight or flight response. Which comes in handy if you’re being chased by a Grizzly Bear but not so handy in our everyday lives. If we allow it, anxiety will run riot in our minds until it impacts every part of our lives and we become overwhelmed. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. We can learn how to manage anxiety in a way that leads not peace and not panic. Here’s three things we can do when an anxious thought strikes:

Feel It

We acknowledge we are feeling anxious. We name the feeling, because when we name it we tame it.

“When anxiety was great within me” – Psalm 94:19

Face It

Take it Captive. We lock up the feeling. We tackle it head on.

“We take captive every thought” – 2 Corinthians 10:5


We focus our attention on Jesus and experience his peace that is beyond our wildest dreams!

Philippians. 4:6 “But in all things, offer your requests to God”

Here’s the thing…. it’s gonna take some hard work on our part to turn the groan of anxiety into the glory of peace. But it’s not impossible. I am praying and believing that you experience the peace of God in a powerful way this week.


  • Which area of your life is causing you anxiety?
  • How can you apply the Feel it, Face it and Focus to that situation?
  • What would a peace-filled life look like for you?

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