The Rise and Fall of Selfishness

The Rise and Fall of Selfishness


Bible Passage: John 10:8

Preacher: Ste Greenow

Series: Stand Alone

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The Rise and Fall of Selfishness

John 10:8

Something that the pandemic has exposed in society has been selfishness… we knew it was there but it’s as if there’s been a big spotlight on it during the last few months.

So how do we overcome selfishness in our lives?

The Rise and Fall of Selfishness Begins and Ends with Generosity.

Here’s what I mean… selfishness begins with a lack of generosity. When we’re not generous with our time, or our energy, our finances, our love, our kindness, it leads to selfishness as we put me, myself and I first.

But we can put an end to selfishness by choosing to be generous. When we choose to be generous with those things then we are looking beyond our self, at the bigger picture.

Our greatest example of generosity is Jesus, he willingly laid down his life for us. (John 10:18)

To follow Jesus means we need to seek out every area of our lives that can be selfish, and to lay it down by picking up generosity.

But how? Here’s 3 simple and achievable things we can do…

  1. Make A Plan – being generous doesn’t just happen. We need to be intentional about it.
  2. Be Generous – it’s not just enough to plan to be generous, we need to carry out our generosity. Being generous involves sacrifice, it’s about putting others first and valuing others above ourselves. It takes time, but when we do it, it knocks selfishness off its perch.
  3. Go Again – The rise and fall of selfishness begins and ends with generosity, but it’s by no means a given that when we’re generous in one area of our lives than selfishness disappears! We need to make generosity a pattern in our lives, to make it a habit, to be known as generous. That’s how we reflect Jesus in our lives.  


  • How will you plan to be generous this week? Try making a seven-day plan, include some way that you can be generous each day.
  • What things will stop you from being generous and how can you overcome these?
  • How can you make generosity a pattern in your life? 

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