This Is My Story

This Is My Story


Bible Passage: Matthew 28:1-10

Preacher: Adam Hewitt

Series: Stand Alone

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This Is My Story

Matthew 28:1-10

We all love a good story – and the story of Easter is one of the best! The resurrection of Jesus from the dead means that life and hope has come to all of us – both now and forever! The story of Easter has lasted centuries and still transforms lives to this day! But there’s also another story that was birthed on that very first Easter Sunday morning – a false story, a false narrative – the story that the guards made up for a bribe – the story that says that Jesus didn’t beat death after all – his disciples came and stole there body and made the whole thing up!

Fear led the religious leaders and the solders to make up a false story because the truth was too hot to handle! It was easier to believe the lie than embrace the truth that Jesus really was and is the real deal!

The false story spread – and today, many people are missing out on the truth of resurrection life – its easier to believe the lie than embrace the truth!

Our prayer for you this Easter is that you would take up the truth – believe once again the true story that Jesus IS alive, He IS risen from the dead, and he is living right now in and through us, his people, leading us into all truth and life and peace.

Happy Easter.


  1. How easy, or hard do I find it to believe that Jesus actually rose again?
  2. Where could you do with some ‘resurrection’ right now? What needs to be brought back to life?
  3. Who do you do life with and talk about faith with? How can you do it better this week?


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